Requesting samples is now even more convenient!

We are happy to send samples free of charge to any legitimate business or organization in the whole world. Free samples are provided to existing and potential customers and are not for personal use. We are are verified all businesses from some sources. Businesses that cannot be verified may be offered the option to purchase samples at a discount, with any sample charges refunded on orders of €1000 or more. We cannot ship free samples to for personal use requesting or unverified businesses/organizations. So please write your company address on the request form on below.

For free of charge samples, please provide your shipper number so we can ship on your freight account.


Pre-production Samples
Please contact a customer representative for your fully customized sample requests. Fully customized samples are chargeable and we are committed to refunding you in your first order of €1000 or more.
First of all, our customer representative will understand what kind of sample you need and we will prepare a visual proof for you, and then we will prepare a Preproduction Sample for you based on the proof you have approved.


Visit our ETSY page for personal use:


Thank you!
Thank you so much for considering Dival Notebook for your next Notebook order.
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Stock Samples

Get 3 standart notebook samples from our stock.

The customer representative will handpick for you after a brief conversation.

Pre-Production Samples

You have a notebook project and if you want to have it produced, let us produce a preproduction sample for you.
Share your project with us and we’ll create a proof or mock-up for you. After your confirm proof, let’s produce a real sample.

DIVAL Sample Kit

The most challenging problem during a sales meeting is that you usually do not have the product of client’s choice at hand for them to see,  touch and feel it. You can’t close the sales at the point – most of the time you need to make another appointment to come back with the product which might take sometime, which prolongs the sales process unnecessarily.


On the other hand, our business partners around the world often times demand individual samples for each sales project and this is a serious time and cost factor. We have developed a tool that will eliminate these problems, accelerate the sales process and please our business partners and their clients.


It basically consists of 14 sample notebooks and a grand swatch folder that contains DIVAL’s prominent selection of cover materials, accessories, the printing options, and more. With this kit you’ll be able to show all the available options to a client all at once.

This kit which is completely prepared in order for your sales team to present to their customers comfortably will enable you to make a wonderful presentation in the first sales meeting with a client. Perhaps you can even close the sales right there and then at that first meeting.


Swatch Folder Details

Swatch Folder
• This folder consist of 4 sections and 23 sheets;
1) 1 Sample Notebook, Fully Customized.
2) PU Cover Branding Applications.
3) Coated Paper Cover Coating Applications.
4) Material Swatch Cards.

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