Google’s Team Building Secrets

The stories behind the brands that we have the privilege of manufacturing notebooks for at Dival is always fascinating for me. The principles that the founders of these successful companies kept sticking on when they were small brought them great achievements.

Google is one of the best examples.Take team building for example. Let’s think with Google. This is a company who has been named the “Best Company to Work For” more than 30 times around the world.

They must be doing something right. Laszlo Bock, former SVP of People Operations at Google tells you all the secrets in his book “Work Rules!”.
Business owners usually invest in educating and developing employees after they hire them. Google is doing the opposite: Front-load investment as they call it. Invest more in the searching-screening-evaluation process for attracting smart, talented, well-behaved, corporate culturally appropriate employees – Googlers! Laszlo Bock emphasizes that the success of a company is highly dependent on its talented employees and return on investment to find these people pays back in time and money many folds.

Another Google practice is to hire smarter people than yourself. Business owners often see smart people as a threat. At Google, every manager of every department is expected to hire employees who are better than themselves, who will be successful in the company’s structure and who will contribute to making everyone around them even better.

Yet another practice worth mentioning at Google will sure turn the heads upside down for some of us. It is that people who are in the same position are not paid the same salary and it is made public. Salaries are determined according to the performance of the person, contributions of the person to the company, and the potential he/she has.

Lastly, smart people are thinkers. Although the creator of Chromebook, Google obviously still values thinking with pen and paper. So recently we had the opportunity to create a very special journal for them.

Happy thinking!

By Sue Begum Bulut – Director, North America