Don’t Miss These Overlooked Aspects of Conference Attendee Notebooks

I’ve been attending seminars and conferences for more than 20 years now. It’s a part of entrepreneurship. I love learning new techniques, hearing new ideas and connecting with other like-minded individuals. However there is nothing more disappointing at a high-ticket conference than seeing a cheap notepad provided for your conference notes.

I am not just saying this just because I market premium branded notebooks. I see a hidden even overlooked value in logoed notebooks for your clients especially in events. Here are my 3 reasons:

1. In conferences where there are many workshops and attendees take notes the notebooks are not just another merchandise – they are absolute necessities. Let’s admit:   Most of the items you find in your attendee bag are not used after the event. But notebooks are not like that. You go back to your notes over and over because you use them in your life. Hence you see the logo of the conference or the brand that held the event over and over. Ok this is no brainer.

2. When attendees go back home/office the notebook with conference logo serves as a proof that he/she was at that prestigious conference or at the event that this prestigious brand held. This is much more important than you might think. It’s in our subconscious. Owning something nice or prestigious contributes to our self-image. Confirms that we are somebody who makes good choices. So you can turn a logoed notebook into a symbol of prestige for attendees. Why do you think is the consumer brand notebook craziness?! Notebooks are beautiful items that consolidate functionality with esthetics and you can boost this with a variety of customizations. (Go to to choose from many custom options that Dival offers.)

3. Last but not least, by adding insert pages you can turn your customer’s logoed notebook also into an item that serves like a catalog. In an era where paper brochures and catalogs are replaced by digital ones, you can have your customers’ offerings in front of their customers’ eyes way longer inside a notebook because end-users value and love using it everyday.

So it better be a premium high-quality notebook with extraordinary customization. The more elegant the notebook the more it revivify the attendees and the higher the brand engagement.

Happy Notebooking!

By Sue Begum Bulut – Director, North America